Low Sodium Connections carries a wide variety of low-sodium and no-salt-added foods!

Here's a list of some of the kinds of products we carry:

Potato and corn chips
Tomato sauce and canned tomatoes
Canned beans
Relish, dill pickles and bread & butter pickles
Sandwich bread
Soups, stocks, and broths
Chili and chili, soup and stew mixes
Deli meats and cheeses
Peanut butter
Barbecue and meat sauces
Salad dressings
Baking supplies
Seasonings, including "ALSO" Salt
Slow-cooker meals

Here are a few specific examples of some of the products we carry, and their low sodium content:

Wellshire Breakfast Ham: 180 mgs per serving
Wellshire Deli Roast Beef: 25 mgs per serving
Wellshire Beef Bacon: 25 mgs per 2 slices
Heluva Good Cheese: 5 mgs per serving
Myers Bagels: 5 mgs per serving
Terra Sweet Potato Chips: 10 mgs per serving
Jake and Amos Hot Sauce: 9 mgs per serving

Check out these microwaveable frozen entrées!

Amy's Vegetable Lasanga: 340 mgs
Amy's Black Bean Enchilada: 190 mgs
Spicy Penne Puttanesca: 300 mgs
Pasta e Fagioli: 340 mgs

We also carry plenty of gluten-free and diabetic foods! Plus we have Cookbooks for sale, to show you how to cook with less or even no salt!

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